Booking Services

Booking Services
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Your hands-free partner to solve all of your corporate event, private party, and reservation needs. We are a California-based virtual call center of devoted sales experts completing the sales process for you. We keep your event booking process running seamlessly, allowing you to concentrate on the day-to-day needs of your business.

Who We Are

We are a team of dedicated sales professionals with experience in booking company events, birthday parties, and reservations.

What We Do

We answer in-bound phone calls, emails, and online inquiries from your guests about your company events, birthday parties, and activity reservations.

We handle the entire sales booking process from start to finish. Including writing proposals, getting signed contracts, taking deposits, sending thank you emails and getting guest feedback.

What You Do

Utilize detailed Event Orders created by our sales professionals to meet and exceed the expectations of your guests.

What You get

Your guests have access to sales professionals booking your events, birthday parties and reservations 5 days a week, 8 hours a day!

Your team has access to our custom software for lane and calendar management. No double bookings, ever!

No upfront costs. We only get paid when you make money!

Booking Services Made Easy

Handle all of your reservation and booking needs for your customers and business.

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Step into the forefront of entertainment center management, where our Booking Service Software redefines how reservations and operations are handled. Our comprehensive solution empowers entertainment centers to efficiently manage bookings for various attractions, events, and activities. With seamless online reservations and real-time availability updates, our software ensures that every aspect of the booking process is effortlessly streamlined. By eliminating the hassle of manual scheduling, our platform guarantees smooth operations and delivers exceptional customer experiences, setting entertainment centers apart in the industry.
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