Event & Catering Management Software

Event & Catering Management Software

Give your guest access to a custom portal to learn more details about their event. Including documents, payments, communication, and more!

Event Milestone
Automate the milestones of your events, with customizable event statuses. Your Events Team will automatically prompt you to send specific emails and documents, and schedule payments and reminders with the click of a button. This ensures your sales team does the right thing at the right time, so no details are missed and no mistakes are made.
Events Catering Booking Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Maintain a rich customer database for accounts and contacts including spend history; correspondence including e-mails and phone conversations to help prospect future business.

Online Inquiry Processing

Let guests submit inquiry requests through your website that are automatically traced in Your Events Team for follow-up. Create unlimited inquiry portals with custom fields, and easily track your inquiry source.

Custom Correspondence

Create professional, personalized emails with custom fields that automatically insert desired contact, event, and other fields.

Automatic Document Creation

Instantly produce branded and customized documents like proposals, contracts, event orders, invoices, etc. Custom templates automatically insert price, menu, contact and other event information.

E-Signature Integration

Seamlessly embed electronic signature fields into documents. Customer signatures are captured and are legally binding. Signed documents are stored Your Events Team and can be shared with all parties via documents links.

E-Payment Capability​

Process payments and automatically apply a payment to an event through the security of Your Events Team’s PCI compliant e-payment integration with STRIPE.

Integrated E-mail

Send e-mails instantly with generated payment and document links. Correspondence is logged and traced in Your Events Team and delivered to your mail client.

Automated Reminders

Generate customized, automated to-do lists that appear on the salespersons dashboard, and are automatically closed upon completion of the task.

Event Reporting

Access customizable reports including event information, food and beverage details, payments, accounts, contacts, and more!

What You get

Cloud based Event & Catering Management Software

A fully integrated suite of software solutions designed for sales professionals to increase sales, save time, eliminate errors, and enhance guest satisfaction.

Support 5 days a week via Chat, Email, & Phone.

Works with any budget!

Choose between monthly, yearly, or percentage of revenue generated!

Booking Made Easy

Handle all of your reservation and booking needs for your customers and business.

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