Integrated Waiver Management

Have customers sign a waiver at the time of booking. Easily track a waiver back to an event, party, or reservation. When checking in a guest, with a quick glance easily see if they have a signed waiver on file.
Event Milestone

Self-Service Waiver Portal

Let walk-in customers easily sign a waiver when checking in at your venue via our waivers portal.

Sending Waivers

Have customers easily send waivers for signature to other attendees of their event, party, or reservation.

Waiver Look Up

Your staff can easily look up signed waivers by Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Event, Party or Reservation.

Unlimited Waivers

Have your guests sign an unlimited amount of waivers at no additional cost.

Export Signed Waivers

Easily export your signed waivers in a PDF format.

What You get

Cloud based software solutions for Events, Reservations, and Package Bookings.

A fully integrated suite of software solutions designed for sales professionals to increase sales, save time, eliminate errors, and enhance guest satisfaction.

Support 5 days a week via Chat, Email, & Phone.

Works with any budget!

Choose between monthly, yearly, or percentage of revenue generated!

Booking Made Easy

Handle all of your reservation and booking needs for your customers and business.

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